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An optimizer for production, simulation, or modeling

Get higher performance.
Take fewer measurements.
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Problem: Setting parameters

Software systems are highly configurable. Your choices of thresholds, flags, weights, and limits determine performance metrics like revenue, latency, or engagement.

  • Configuring by hand can be tedious and lead to suboptimal performance.
  • Performance measurement can be slow and noisy.
  • There may be many parameters to set.

Solution: Optimization

Cogneato demands fewer measurements and produces better performance, compared to manual tuning, random search, or grid search.

Cogneato uses experimental optimization methods, which include A/B testing, Bayesian optimization, and black-box optimization.

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Cogneato web tool

The Cogneato tool runs from a desktop browser only.


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More about Cogneato

Cogneato is ideal for situations where measurements are noisy and take time to complete. Measurements such as:

  • Revenue, click rates, or other business metrics of internet products
  • Running time, latency, or throughput of complex software systems
  • Energy efficiency or throughput of hardware devices
  • Performance estimates from complex engineering and scientific simulations
  • Validation-set loss of machine learning models
In general, measuring a metric will take a long time, so you'll want to minimize the number of times you measure. Cogneato helps you do that.

Learn more about experimental optimization.

Cogneato is built with open source software.